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We at Pug Breeder.Net know that finding adorable Pug puppies can sometimes be challenging.  We also know finding Pug breeders with quality Pug puppies can be just as hard.  Quality Pug breeders near me?  Or..  Pug puppies near me?  You may ask... Well good luck finding what you want, it's not an easy task!  So the big question I have always asked is this:  How come it's so difficult to find a nice Pug when they are one of the best pets in the world?  Well it doesn't have to be so hard anymore, just keep reading!  I remember wanting my first Pug, but never could find one that had all the true Pug features.  Countless times I would look up on an internet search, phrases like... "Pug Breeders near me".  "I also looked up Pug Puppies near me".  I started to wonder if it was just that Pug puppies near me weren't anywhere around or what?  That's when I noticed how scarce the Pug puppies near me had become.  Then it happened; And it all made sense:  I finally had figured it out!  Pugs puppies near me were never near me!  As a matter of fact, they were never really that popular here in the states, ever.  Did you know they originated in China and are said to be one of the oldest breeds ever?  Yea, you heard it right!  Try 551bc to be exact.  If you do your research, you will see Pugs are very popular in the UK and other countries too.  You may even find out that a long list of Celebrities own them as well.  But still, even after all that, they kind of fly under the radar here in the US.  My wife and I truly believe Pugs will become the most popular of all breeds eventually.  When people start to see what they are missing, they will be wanting their very own Pug.  Pugs have great traits and features.  They have comical smiley faces and wrinkly little nose ropes.  Pugs are intelligent and know how to make their owner laugh.  They even listen well to commands when trained properly.  People that own quality Pugs will tell you how happy they are with the breed overall.  I never hear anything bad about them really.  Especially if you buy one of good health and genetics.    So the big question is this:  Who sells quality pugs with great ancestries?  Carolina Pugs is a very good starting point.  They focus on helping families find a quality Pug, but only have a few litters per year.  If you live anywhere in the South Eastern Region, you should check them out for sure.

What to look for in a Pug

First and foremost, always look for good health in your new pug puppy.  Always ask to see the parents of the litter too.  I can not stress enough the importance of seeing the parents and checking their markings and health status.  The old saying "apple didn't fall far from the tree" rings true with animals too.  In-fact, almost 90% of the time, the puppy will take after the parents in the most important ways.  Health being the main one, then temperament and markings.  Some Pugs look good and have bad health in their pedigrees.  Always ask about the Pug puppies pedigree before you decide to purchase.  There is nothing worse than being attached to a pet only to see them suffer or have complications down the road.  It's also very important to ask the breeder questions about allergies and foods.  Proper dieting is crucial to maintaining a healthy future in your Pug.  It also helps keep them strong and not overly fat.  Grain free foods can assist with the beauty of the Pugs coat and skin.  Also, proper nutrition stops around 50% of shedding.  When ever you go to buy your first Pug puppy make sure to find out about all these things from your breeder. 

Pug Puppy Vaccines and Papers

I will only buy pug puppies that have been given their proper vaccinations for many good reasons.  The biggest one to me is the virus protection it gives them at a young age.  Parvo is the one virus you never want to see a puppy have.  It literally can wipe out an entire litter.  The proper vaccinations will prevent this awful virus from getting into any young puppy.  Another scary thing about Parvo is it's ability to spread fast.  However, it is not contagious to humans.  The best way to avoid any complications with your new puppy is to make sure they are vaccinated.  When it comes to paperwork and being registered, AKC is my top choice.  The company has always set the highest standards in my opinion.  There are other registries too and I not saying they have bad Pugs, but AKC, is my favorite!  If you look at their pictures from Pug competitions you will see the markings of a true Pug for sure.  Here is a link to the AKC website if you would like to check it out!

Your New Pug Puppy

If you do get lucky enough to own a nice Pug puppy, I hope you tell your friends how great the breed really is.  It would be nice  to see more people learn about Pugs in the USA.  Owning a Pug really is well worth the wait if you can't find one right away.  So don't get your hopes up, you can always find one if you look hard enough.  Just like I said earlier, make sure the health and quality is there!

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